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Jeanne the graceful, white and caramel

  • June 24, 2015


Alone, she covers more than 60% of the preferences with newlyweds. Everybody asks for her!
She was born in 1950 at the Javel factory, like all the Traction-Avant produced in France (a certain number of Tractions was also produced in Bruxelles and London, meeting the local tastes).

She has travelled widely across the continents. She has visited Namibia and Morocco. She has even been to Ushuaia, at the extreme Southern tip of South America, the Southernmost city in the world! With these long distance travels, she has demonstrated the reliability of the Citroën Traction-Avant.

Today, she shares with you the pleasure of travelling onboard, and especially travelling with your imagination…


1950 convertible Traction-Avant 11BL. 3 people + the driver.


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